Skills gained in Irish dance go beyond competitive success. Mattierin instills discipline, dedication, work ethic, confidence, teamwork, commitment, and a high level of fitness while encouraging life-long friendships and a love of Irish dance. 

Classes offered include:


This is a 30 min class held once/week for 3-4 year olds. As this is usually these young dancers first expereince in a dance studio, they learn how to behave and respect the studio and teacher. Dancers begin to learn the basics of Irish dance such as turn out, timing and coordination through fun exercises. 


This class is for competitive dancers in the Novice/Prizewinner levels. Dancers learn the Single Jig and Slip Jig as well as hard shoe while continuing to master basics through a variety of drills, exercises and barre work. Dancers at this level also take part in fitness and strengthening workshops throughout the year. 

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This class is for children aged 5 and up starting Irish Dance for the first time and for dancers competing up to the Advanced Beginner level. Dancers will begin to learn proper turnout and technique through the integration of strengthening exercises, barre work and stretching as well as learning their Reel and Light Jig. 


This class is for competitive dancers in Preliminary and Open Championships and is the most advanced level of Irish Dance. Having mastered the basics of Irish Dance, dancers push themselves to new levels and train to compete internationally. Advanced barre work and strengthening is incorporated to provide the dancers with the skills, strength and technique needed at this level. Dancers in this class take part in strengthening and stretching workshops throughout the year. 

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